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Our company has strong technical strength and high-class equipment, and does civil engineering’s test, identification, safe assessment and Renovation and strengthening business.


With strong comprehensive strength, we provide the clients satisfied products and service, we are in a leading pp of the same industry.


We produce the most competitive products, which includes 38 series, 85 kinds of building material.


Give full play to environmental protection technology advantages of steelslag treatment and resource utilization, sewage disposal and resource utilization, sintering flue gas desulfurization treatment.


Overseas business of China Jingye has gained speed development since 1994.


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CRIBC devotes to metal welding procedure, welding test, high-end welding material and special equipments’ research, manufacture and technical service.


Our products solve the industrial building structure steel bar connection stress problem. Jianmao brand has become a famous brand.


We has 3 ethoxylation lines, and now are building 4 esterification & aggregation lines, the annul output can reach 50000 tons/year. We can also provide various technical service.


Products are widely used in metallurgy, power, chemical, aerospace, textile, nuclear power, municipal and other fields.。


Polyurethane sealing rock wool metal insulation battenboard is light and artistic, which integrated with functions of fire, waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation, load bearing.


CRIBC has a proficiency in non-standard mechanical equipment research and design.Profiled section forming machine designed by us is used spread in building & environmental industry.


Due to its characteristics like fireproofed, waterproofed, thermal-insulated, heat-insulated, load-bearing and decorating, polyurethane sealing rock wool metal heat-insulated sandwich board have some main features as lightweight, aesthetic and easy-to-install.


MCC is proficient in researching and designing non-standard mechanical equipment, various kinds of self-designed deformed section forming machines have been widely used in the fields of construction and environment protection.


The products are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, aerospace, textiles, nuclear power, road and bridge, municipal, civilian building and other industries.


MCC devotes itself to R&D manufacturing of metal welding, welding process, detecting technology, high-end welding material and specialized equipment, and also to science and technology service.


The product has solved the connection problem of load-bearing bars in Chinese industrialized building. Jianmao has been a well-known brand at home and abroad in this industry.


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